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I would not go that far to say that bikes are a major issue within my life - Just it is something i have my permant fun with.

I started as early as possible with my "engined" career. I was around 15, an age when in Germany you are allowed to ride a mofa. To be honest it was not really more than a bicyle with a small engine of 25ccm and 1,5hp and an allowed maximum speed of 25km/h and it needed just a quick theoretically test to get a driving permission. But it was the first thing which made me moveable and independend without too much own effort. In specific I got a brand new Puch Maxi Sport from my parents and was very happy about it. The major concern at that time was to speed it up.
It was a real challenge between me and all my friends which had for sure their own once and I was really happy that I was able to speed my one up to 42km/h without to do something which was to obiously. Because it was a permanent game to escape police which had for sure a permanent eye on all these vehicles. But with much luck I managed to do and a year later I got my first real bike

It was also a brand new Kawasaki AR 80 with 80ccm and 7,5hp with a maximum speed of 80km/h, for which I had to get a real driving license first. It was hard for me to convince my parents that it should be a wise decission of me having such a bike, because they were very concerned about what could happens to me while using it.

To be honest they were not really wrong with there thinking and very soon I had to stay in hospital for a few days. Just this was not able to stop me and with such a bigger bike the radius of action was much more increase for me, which I appreciated very much. I never had really trouble with this bike and after shortly two year I handed it over to my brother, as the Puch Maxi Sport before.

With eighteen I got my car und unlimited motorbike driving licence, but then decided to buy a car first. Therefor the bike driving passion has become unused for several year. To be honest again I never spended a real thought on it anymore - just each year when the bike season was starting during spring i got this transfigured view within my eyes when I was seeing a bike passing me.

With around thirty years it occoured to me that my friend Jochen came up with the info that he had bought a used bike and he offered me a test ride with it. It needed not really long to say ... thanks no, that really not necessary. But I wasn't aware that Kerstin had recognised how hard this decission was made and to my next birthday I got a voucher from her - A rented bike over a long weekend. A long weekend in Germany always means a public free tuesday or thursday with one day vacation between it and the weekend and therefor I had four day with a real bike in front of me.

A quick phone call of my friend and the idea of an extended trip through the alps was born. In the meantime he had replaced his bike with a new one and was well prepared for a longer trip. I rented a Honda CBR 600 and really needed a while to get familar with it after such a long time without practice. But after these four day the dealer wasn't really happy when I brought the bike back and it had 2500km more driven ;-) Certainly he had thought I just would do a few short trips through our closer surroundings.

I saw this as a one time experience without being aware that right at that point the fever had already infected me. The next year we did it similar and my heart started bleeding when i had to bring back the bike again and soon idea was born to go for an own one.

It needed just two days of searching until i made a nearly unbelievable deal. It was an used bike because we hadn't really planned this invest at that time. But until today I have never regret that I have  bought this 5 years old Suzuki GSX F 750 with 98hp with 33000km and a complete luggage set for longer trips. Today it has now 61000km and I nearly believe that there is no "really well know" pass within the alps left I did not pass with it. I never had a real issue with it and it has become a proved companion of me for years. A few times I spended a few moments in thinking to go for a new one. But I always decided to stay with it and to be honest it is certainly forced by the knowledge that we have become a perfect tuned team.

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