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Travelling has become a major issue within my life. Not in a way that I would be away from home all time. No, in a difference to that, it is more that I really like to travel, to discover new countries and get in contact with the folks living there.

Grown up within a family with five childs travelling wasn't a big issue for my parents and therefor the question of my girlfriend - my todays wife - Where will we go this summer for vacation? was someting I really had no answer to. But after a while of talking about and planning together with friends we figured out that we will go to Spain. It finnaly has become a two weeks trip by car to Cambrils which at that time was a small fisher town close to Tarragonna and not too far away from Barcelona.

At the end I liked this trip, just that I thought, that we had spend a lot of money for just a few days and I wasn't sure whether or not this has to be repeated some day. I fear that I was a alone with this thinking and today I'm very happy about Kerstin laster on asked me for the next trip.

The two trips behind didn't brought us very far away. Because of me had to join the German Military we did two trips within Germany to visit Bavaria. One during winter and the other one during summer. The place we went to has become a place we frequently visit year by year again since then and we have become very familiar with our guest family there.

The next bigger trip was to Creta, a mediterranean Island belonging to Greece and the year behind we did a trip to Teneriffa, which is an island belonging to the Canary Islands, which are a part of Spain. All these trips were typically vacation trip with a booked hotel, spending days at the beach and a little bit driving around to visit interesting place within the closer surroundings.

The first real oversea vacation we made 1991 when we decided to go to Thailand. It was a breath taking trip for both of us. Diving into such a different culture and being allowed to see all these wonderful nature and cultural treasures there were unbelievable for us. Because of being that far way for the first time, we had choosen a guided bus round trip. And we enjoyed both, the trip itself and the company of the other traveller guest from which a few of them have become friends of us.

When thinking back, this trip must have been the reason for me/us discovering our likes and dislikes how to travel best. In the follow we continued with a few more guided bus trip through Turkey, Greece and China. China was the last guided one, but different to the others before, because we first arrange one a little bit more individual trip with a stop over at Hong Kong and a week relaxing at Balia at the end of it. Out of all these trip we have made friends and therefor the idea of traveling and getting new friends might be one thingy has for sure influenced my thinking very much. A stranger is not just a stranger - a stranger is a possible friend of you in future!!.

But certainly the final break through in finding our favorite way of travelling we had, when we in 1995 decided to visit the United States just with a booked flight and a rented car to be able to move around as wished. It has become an unforgetable vacation for us and we enjoyed very much our freedom to go and stop wherever we wanted. This trip was then followed by a few more trips to the USA and later on to Canada.

We also continued to discover Europe with a lot of motorbike trips over the year while always trying to passing/including the alps and for sure also with a few car trip visiting countries like Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Holland and so one. One of the motorbike trips brought us through the french alps down to south France visiting places like Nice, San Tropez and Monaco. It is a very expensive area there, but the mediterranean way of life lived there is priceless and I have the deep wish to visit it again some day - best with a convertible to be more easy be allowed to stroll around through the lovely old towns there. Without the need to take care about motorbike clothes and helmets.

Our so far most far away and longest trip was to New Zealand. A country I'm immediately have fallen in love with. It is that rich on beautiful nature and friendly folks, that the idea to move there some day has become more than a short spleen for me - But we will see!!. [Our next planned trip will bring us to Australia. A real new adventure for us!! Because there we will catch up with friends we have never met in person so far .... maybe a better place to move there later on .... we will see ;-)]

In the meantime we are back from our Trip to OZ ... it was breathtaking. We were welcomed by friends we had never met before in person. They welcomed us as immediately as friends and gave us the feeling to be welcome and integrated right from the first second They effort they made for us was unbelievable and it was very special for us to be guided through their country by them. I'm still filled with all that positive feelings raised by that, that it is really hard to process them and fear that I can't be grateful enough. Many, many thanks to All of YOU my Friends!! --For a little taste of our experiences you can check this Gallery for pictures from Down Under.--

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