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Where to find me?

Ok my friend, thats a good question. But on the other hand it is easy to answer ... and while answering your question I will try to give you quit a few more informations at the same time.

Born as a German I'm grown up and still live in an area called Rhineland-Palatinates. Personal I see this area as one of our German jewels. Although there might be a few other Germans with a different view on it.

Located with one border next to France, Rhineland Palatinates it is a lovely area which is famous for it's wine and excellent food.

Rhineland Palatinates was formed after the end of World War II, on 30 August 1946, by the French military government. Traditional structures were not taken into account; instead parts of Germany were merged that had never before belonged together: parts of the Prussian Rhine provinces, the territory of Hesse on the left bank of the Rhine, and the strongly Bavarian-influenced Palatinate. These regions have become closely knit over time, however, and Rheinland-Pfalz has acquired its own identity.

As a very geen area Rhineland Palatinates lies in the center of the Rhenish Schist Massif and habor the heart of the Palatinate Forest which is the biggest continuous forest within europe and right at the foot of the Palatinate Forest runs the "German Wine Route".


Castle Stolzenfels

With another border represented within the River Rhine it also habor a great amount of World Heritage Sites and is located next to famous places like Heidelberg and the Black Forest.



Up to 40 castles and fortresses, stretched along a mere 65 km of the River Rhine between the cities of Bingen and Coblence, constitute one of the most outstanding features of the World Heritage Site. Such a concentration of castles within such a small area is to be found nowhere else in the world!

But there are not only castles and fortresses. Instead of this, the area is rich on culture and history and has seen lots of highs and low within the past.

Porta Nigra Trier

Hambacher Castle

And last but not least also church has left it's historical signs within this area. As you can see at the cathedral of Speyer for example ...

Cathedral Speyer

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